Enrich and enhance Microsoft Teams telephony


Since the launch of 1-Voice2Teams at the end of 2019, demand for Microsoft Direct Routing has exploded exponentially due to the global increase in homeworking along with every other facility for remote communication and connection.

Microsoft Teams has been on a hyper-growth curve since the early part of 2020; the latest reported figures indicate the service has 115 million daily active users worldwide (November 2020). As users continue to flock to the service, driven by the need for a reliable collaboration tool deeply embedded in the Microsoft software estate, it would appear the product is only heading in one direction… up.

How does it work?

We have three options with which to enrich and enhance your Microsoft Teams telephony experience.

1-Voice2Teams Lite is our entry-level integration. It’s great for users who need to make and receive external calls with no change to their Microsoft Teams experience. The telephone keypad is enabled and a DDI is allocated, the powerful voicemail feature is included.

1-Voice2Teams Standard and Premium enhance the experience further and allow best of breed overlays such as Dubber PCI Compliant Call Recording, Akixi Call Analytics, Unity Contact Centre, all seamlessly integrating Teams with the fully-fledged Cisco Broadsoft cloud PBX.

We supply a range of Microsoft Teams embedded IP Phones from leading manufacturers Poly and Yealink to enhance the user experience further for users who prefer to have a desk phone. These devices are available on either CAPEX or OPEX models. 

Benefits of 1-Voice2Teams

  • Make calls from any device that has your Microsoft Teams account enabled (PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone)
  • Bring your existing UK landline numbers
  • Take new numbers for any UK geographic location
  • Bring international numbers
  • Fully managed number porting process
  • No need to leave the Microsoft Teams interface to make and receive calls
  • Add best of breed Call Recording and Speech Analytics from Dubber
  • Add best of breed Call Analytics, Reporting and Live Wallboards from Akixi
  • Add best of breed Contact Centre Solution from Unity for Omni Channel working, making it easier for your clients to interact and connect with your business
  • Mix and match license types
1-Voice2Team Benefits

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