Access Control

Access Control technology is continually evolving. We’ll work with you to make sure your access control architecture is always up-to-date.

Commercial Access Control Installers

We know that your security needs are as unique as you are, so our Commercial Access Control Installers carry out a full assessment and audit of the premises to ascertain its potential and your requirements. We’ll put you in complete control of access to your property.

Our bespoke approach means that whether you are looking for a standalone system, a networked setup or controlled door entry, we have the expertise, experience and product line to accommodate you. From incorporating the latest biometrics technologies to providing the sturdiest of security door access systems, we specialise in electronic systems that will provide you with control and confidence for every situation.

Are you looking to provide a safer working environment, identify those operating within your building or control access to highly secure areas? Protection is easily accomplished with a visit from FLR Fire & Security's Dynamic Access Control Installers.

From visitor management solutions to Dynamic Access Control solutions, we have the hardware, trained staff and services to meet your requirements. From traditional and IP door controllers to encoders, cards and mobile IDs, we can provide and install all the physical systems you need to have in place.

Our systems not only give you the security for your access but also enable you to monitor the times authorised personnel have entered or left the premises. Giving you an additional time management facility. The systems also allow for fire evacuation events and health and safety by monitoring who is in and out of the building at any time.

The system offers central administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors and with up to 50,000 users. You can perfectly tailor access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using our intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks and the single-door architecture makes specifying, installing and maintaining the system easy. Advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and 'Triggers and Actions' further extend the capabilities of this cutting-edge system. To arrange a visit from one our or fully qualified Commercial Access Control Installers, please call us here at FLR Fire and Security today.

When technology allows us to have many possible digital identities, our unique physical one becomes considerably more precious and valuable. Biometrics is the only authentication technology that can tap into this resource, using a person’s attributes to build into a security solution.

Biometrics provide absolute certainty in the authentication of a person’s identification. They also allow you to assign specific people to locations, projects and transactions with ease. To arrange a visit from one of our Commercial Biometric Access Control Installers, call the team here at FLR Fire and Security today.

Our Commercial Access Control Monitoring centre can take ownership of the administration of your access control system, from managing fire alarm activations that will automatically open all doors and us resecuring them for you to adding new users to your system with the correct access level. We provide this service 24 hours a day, so should staff work later than their access level permit we will be able to remotely grant/refuse access and open required doors in the event of an emergency.

Should the worst happen, we will provide evidential quality digital video images and footage maintaining continuity of evidence for prosecution purposes. An FLR Fire & Security Commercial Access Control Monitoring solution is all you’ll ever need to protect your business.

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