1-Voice in Retail

1-Voice solutions perfect for your retail environment.

1-Voice in Retail


  • Competition from online and high street stores lead to intense pressure to reduce and manage costs.
  • Retailers must provide a consistently high experience across all channels – multiple stores, online and call centres.
  • Employees struggle to answer calls while simultaneously assisting in-store customers.
  • Difficulty separating calls about store hours and products. Old PBX systems make it hard to screen out calls from competitors collecting current pricing information.
  • A need for real-time communications across multiple sites.
  • Disparate PBX estates cost more to maintain and result in an inconsistent image.



  • 1-Voice’s Auto Attendant routes incoming calls to the correct staff or information about operating hours, reducing caller wait times.
  • Calls can be routed to staff based on their expertise to help customers in the store. 
  • For multi-store retailers, 1-Voice enables calls to be answered within a few rings by staff anywhere, on any device. 
  • Call Detail Records let retailers review after-hours calls.
  • The Push-to-Talk feature enables staff to communicate instantly between extensions.
  • Using Wi-Fi, the UC Office App lets staff use their device and benefit from free internal calls, plus at-a-glance presence availability status of colleagues.
  • Customers can also use in-store Wi-Fi to research their desired products.
  • On-site cordless solutions can help in communications.



Improved customer service

  • A phone system that reflects a commitment to providing the best customer experience.
  • HD voice is crystal clear, so it cuts out mistakes based on lack of hearing the customer and calls are answered within a couple of rings.


Increased productivity

  • Group Call Handling and Unified Communications Apps on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops help speed the flow of communications across a retail organisation.
  • Extending Cloud UC services to other organisations in a retailer’s supply chain speed the communications flow across the entire value chain.


Consistent service experience

  • 1-Voice enables a consistent image and service experience across all stores, e.g. retailers can provide the same on-hold message to customers.


Rapid deployment means business as usual

  • Setting up the service and plugging the desk phones into a data network is quick and easy, ensuring the retailer can get on with serving customers.


Reduce costs

  • Consolidating the “voice estate” to a single provider has proven cost advantages.
  • Free calls between all staff and companies lower the monthly telephone bill.