The Student has become the teacher.

Educating your child at home brings a range of problems for the average household, with hundreds of parents wishing their kids to return to school. Parents have been expressing feelings about not being trained as teachers; they cannot provide an educational curriculum that their children would receive in school. In addition to this, those with multiple children having to juggle numerous kids all at different learning levels and abilities – even if they are given all the learning resources this would understandably not be easy. 

The problem extends further than just the children losing out on education; it has been recorded to affect the parents’ work. Some parents explain that they have lost out on business due to children walking around or being naughty in the background of their zoom call. Some parents have even gone to the extent of locking themselves in the spare bedroom and converting it into a temporary office space.

New learning activities have started to arise, with local schools adopting the video chat lessons via Microsoft Teams or another application. There has been feedback given from parent’s nationwide that they portray an educational environment in a completely remote and mobile way. Not something that could have been possible ten years ago, as technology advances almost everyone worldwide possesses a device connected to the internet. These remote working learning resources are all available via FLR Spectron. If you need or know of an enterprise that requires the service to contact us today.

With the vaccines getting shipped out soon and social distancing continuing, we may be coming to the end of all this madness. For now, all we can do is use the resources made available to us – Please stay safe and continue to comply with social distancing rules.