PCI compliance is something to shout about, but your customers' card details aren't!

Secured by Semafone

Payments via the Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) channel are still high, regardless of the increase in online transitions across the web. Although voice payments make up over 95% of all MOTO transactions in today’s world, these payments are proving hard to secure and usually combined with large bills. With telecommunication fraud scams and security breaching technology, your business must set up a beneficial line of defence.

Fantastic Security

Even on call recordings, a customer’s card numbers are completely safe. The contact centre agent cannot hear or see their card numbers and call recordings do not capture either the long number on the front of the card or the three or four-figure security code. The agent’s computer screen only shows asterisks and the last four digits of the customer’s card number. Card numbers aren’t recorded or processed on the contact centre system anywhere either – this allows customers telephone keypad to have direct access to their bank via a payment service provider. Semafone is completely PCI DSS compliant for you and all of your colleagues.

Three Simple Steps


1. The agent will pause the call recording.


2. Customer uses their telephone keypad to enter their sensitive data.


3. Resume the call recording and wait for the transaction to finish processing.

What's the Benefits?

  • Safer shopping over the phone – protecting them against credit card theft & unauthorised use
  • Peace of mind – they can have confidence that your company has made their security a priority
  • Simplicity to pay over the telephone when payments are secure

Customers will come to know and expect that their payment data will be protected during telephone transactions. This will give your brand a competitive advantage against those companies that don’t offer a secure payment option.

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“FLR Telecoms opened our company to a new payment method which was secure, safe and swift. Thank you so much.”

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