Secure Phone Payment

Smartphones are now a fundamental part of most people’s lives

Secure Phone Payment

The phone payment process initially involved is a small PayTag chip which has to be attached to the hardware; used in the same way as a debit card PayPass function. Allowing users to tap and go for any purchase under £100 – The PayTag chip would have direct access to your transaction account and links to it for customer purchases.

  • Cost: Simply by implementing payment method characteristics of eCommerce such as barcode scanners, businesses can save the monthly fees, which often accumulates with credit card terminals.
  • Engagement – Offering mobile payment options to customers, both online and offline, makes the purchase process easier for them; this can increase sale conversions, the number of returning customers and customer satisfaction.

The 1-Pay PCI Solution comes with exciting application features as standard, including:

  • Account/Site Admin Web Portal Auto Payments IVR
  • Live Agent Virtual Terminal Secure Call Queueing
  • Secure Call Recording
  • Payment Service Provider application DTMF-suppression
  • Secure Card Payment Processing
  • Standard CRM integrations API Secure Inbound & Outbound call routing mode
  • “Out of the Box” ready-made Payment Gateway connections to leading UK providers
  • Payment gateway service

Removing the risk of storing and securing personal credit card details from the contact centre environment makes it possible to take telephone payments securely while at the same time satisfying FCS recommendations for call recording.

Using 1-Pay alongside an existing solution or the applications own cloud storage platform, calls can be recorded compliantly without the need for a manual or automated ‘Pause & Resume’ solution.

  • Data is passed directly to the Payment Gateway without being readout, so it is possible to capture dialogue from start to finish. Contact between the caller and agent is maintained throughout, but all tones are muted using DTMF suppression technology, so sensitive information remains shielded.

Tiered, graded packages designed for low-level starters to high usage enterprise — including Pay As You Go (PAYG) and Bundle Transaction Options including integrations with:

  • Stripe
  • Adflex
  • TNSPay
  • UPG
  • CardStream
  • Datacash
  • PayGate

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