Pino Valenza

Pino ColourPino joined FLR Spectron in September 2001, when the staff count was just 5, entering the Telecoms sector in 1989 following 10 years selling Fine Italian Foods and Wines, quite a career change. Initially, he was solely in the mobile phone sector. However, by the end of 2002 we had started to build a successful fixed line offering which took off beyond our expectations and Pino steered towards that division.

He has seen major changes in the industry and has been pivotal in driving the move from legacy telephony to IP Technology, guiding our clients through that journey. For Pino the customer is King, and it is this ethos that is fully engrained in Pinoa’s mindset as he will always strive to ensure the client is treated with utmost respect and superlative customer service.

With the recent acquisitions and diverse sectors that FLR Spectron has moved into, Pino has worked closely with the new teams to integrate these services into the FLR Spectron Product Portfolio. Proud of his position on the FLR Board of Directors, he’s always keen to discuss and introduce new services and products that can benefit our clients.