Our expert team will carry out in-depth Site Security Surveys of your property or premises.


Our expert team will carry out in-depth Site Fire & Security Surveys of your property or premises. After this, they will be able to
advise you of your fire & security needs.

Site Security Survey

We are currently experiencing a rise in crime in the UK and terror activities across the globe. For this reason, the security and welfare of your family or staff must become paramount. We provide Site Security Surveys on a range of locations. These could be surveys of small domestic or commercial dwellings or full counter-terror surveys. Property types for these could include:

  • Theatres
  • Places of interest
  • Licenced premises
  • Large corporations
  • Banking or financial institutions

Investigation & Monitoring Services

Our Site Security Surveys will recommend the required security provisions you should consider. All advice given will be to enhance security and reduce potential threats to your business or home.

Criminals or known terror activists tend to target premises with low to non-existent security measures. The greater your countermeasures, the lower the risk of you becoming a potential target.

Our recommendations and installations will be fully insurance compliant and certificated by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board. Giving you peace of mind that by investing in our systems and monitoring services, your system will meet your insurance company requirements.

Site survey

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