At FLR Spectron it is important to us that we give back to the community which is why we take pride in the provision academic development. We have an established relationship as Business Ambassadors with local schools through the Education Business Partnership scheme in Bromley. We are on hand to offer advice, guidance and sponsorship to young aspiring students as they seek to develop their skill sets towards a future career. Whether that be through work experience or workshops in local schools

We take pride in offering aspiring young people the opportunity to develop their careers through a modern apprenticeship scheme. With market conditions making finding the right candidate for many roles difficult and the job market itself a hazardous place to navigate for the school or college leaver, an apprenticeship offers companies like ours the chance to mould the candidate around the role whilst providing the apprentice with the opportunity to learn real-world skills on the job.

We employ several apprentices, all of whom are a genuine asset to our workforce and company. As a successful business we believe it’s important to remember our roots and the storms we’ve weathered in the past. We do this by honouring those who supported us by preparing the next generation of business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators at the start of their journey.