Chello Media


We won this contract and began the management of the account, which is for 149 numbers on the Vodafone network, in April 2012. We have brought significant innovation and creativity to this client since taking over. The customer had been dealing with the networks directly for years and had received little or no account management so they were in disarray.

chelWe firstly carried out a comprehensive housekeeping exercise ranging from looking at the individual users calling profiles and comparing it to the tariff they were on right through to checking the hardware they were using was suitable for them to make sure they were getting the most from their device. From this position we had identified several key areas to focus on and improve and we set about the task straight away. We identified users consistently going over their limits of allocated minutes and we either increased these or alternatively transferred them to a completely new ‘pay as you use tariff’ with our most competitive rates attached to it. We then focussed on looking at the user’s hardware requirements and reviewing the options available (i.e. Blackberry v iPhone v other smart phones etc). If they needed new equipment we supplied this and helped them to get it set up.

In addition to all of this behind the scenes we were working with them to improve their monthly invoicing. Their accounts department had requested account coding on their invoices which helped them to re-invoice bills to individuals and departments for expenses etc

To support this account we have set up an account management team consisting of an account director, 2 account executives and 3 full time support staff for back up. Each team member has an extensive knowledge of the account so that all issues or queries will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. For ease of communications we have set up a dedicated contact freephone number and a generic email address. This ensures that all matters are picked up by one of the team and dealt with within the predetermined timescales.

We also arrange monthly conference calls to suit the client – this enables us to discuss all current issues and developments in a group forum and minute these for the customer. We then set actions and tasks on any point raised within the timescales discussed in the conference call. This works with many of our clients (not only Chello Media) and makes for a very proactive and personal relationship with our account management team moving forward.