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FLR Spectron is an award-winning, multi-services company with over two decades of experience in the Interiors, Telecommunications, IT, Security and Cooling industries. We pride ourselves on sculpting our products to meet the individual needs of your business, with bespoke Commercial solutions and services.

Our commercial independence and long-forged partnerships with some of Europe's most recognised and trusted manufacturers allows us to source products and services that aren't constrained by dealer endorsement, meaning we can pass on cost savings directly, we believe that means we can provide you with both the highest quality and reliability in the market.

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Whilst we always tailor our products and services to the needs of our individual clients, we still understand and embrace the broader needs of the multiple industries our business customers serve. Specifically we cater for a vast network of customers amongst a range of industries including Construction, Public Sector, Education, Estate Agency, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Media, Recruitment and Retail.