1-Voice in Nursing Homes

1-Voice solutions perfect for your nursing home environment.

1-Voice in Nursing Homes


  • The on-site mobile, nursing staff, and facilities support team need to be more reachable to respond to patients and guests faster.
  • A more efficient way of dealing with appointment requests and inbound queries is needed.
  • Budgets are constantly under pressure, so it’s essential to cut costs. Predictable costs from cloud solutions will help.



  • 1-Voice delivers a cloud solution that meets the nursing care home’s communications needs. The care home Manager can easily manage the service in the office or remotely through the intuitive self-service Business Portal.
  • Phones plug into the data network socket, and Clients and Apps run on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Auto Attendant provides a personalised greeting message and a menu offering the latest news updates for the care home.
  • Information flow can be sped up with the Push-to-Talk intercom feature, which can make announcements through the desk phone speaker.
  • With the UC Office App installed on mobile devices and tablets for nursing staff and support team; they can keep in close contact. Instant Messaging can be used to communicate sensitive information discreetly with escalation to phone calls if and when required.



Faster response to guests and patients

  • There will be improved mobility and accessibility of the nursing and support staff.
  • Staff can quickly and easily be reached on their mobile, desktop or their desk phone.


Reduce costs

  • Free internal calls and staff use their own devices (mobile, tablets).
  • Plug and play from any CAT5 data network socket will see cost reductions compared to the cost associated with moving traditional desk phones.


Patient and guest phone service

  • 1-Voice desk phones can be easily moved to the guest’s bedside (subject to a network point being available) so they can make and receive calls to and from friends and family.
  • Optionally, call detail records can be downloaded for use in billing back to the guest.