1-Voice in Manufacturing

1-Voice solutions perfect for your factory environment.

1-Voice in Manufacturing


  • Traditional phone systems (PBX) are increasingly unreliable and harder to maintain.
  • Finding budget for the upfront costs associated with on-premises phone systems. 
  • Traditional PBX lacks the flexible-working solutions now demanded by employers 
  • Traditional PBX lacks analytical tools, such as showing the number of abandoned and missed calls at different times of the day.



  • Investing in fibre network connectivity to run the data systems required between all locations. 1-Voice runs across the same fibre internet connections.
  • The UC Office App provides a “desk phone in their pocket” for staff.
  • I-Voice integrated Call Centre provides customer call treatments, such as skills-based routing, which puts the caller through to the correct Customer Service Rep.
  • The Customer Services Manager can analyse and manage customer service anytime of day or night using the self-service Business Portal, with daily reports delivered by email.



Analytics to measure and improve customer service

  • 1-Voice provides real-time reports and daily reports.
  • This provides the ability to measure what’s happening in customer services and enables better management.


Manage your business calls from wherever you are

  • Flexibility to work anywhere using one number with the company calling plan.
  • Users can make free internal calls using the UC Office App.
  • The sales team are now in closer contact with customers and employees.


Long-term flexibility to meet your changing needs

  • Staff can take IP phones home if they need to work from home or use the Remote Office functionality or UC Office App on their laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Software upgrades are made in the core Hosted network and automatically delivered to the customer.


Save on set-up and maintenance costs, as well as call costs

  • The cost of implementing a 1-Voice solution delivered a 1-year Return on Investment (ROI) compared to maintaining and upgrading the current PBX and ISDN charges.


Highly reliable phone system

  • 1-Voice is a carrier-grade business communications service delivered from the Service Provider data centre.
  • The maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by the Service Providers so you can get on with running operations.