1-Voice in GP Practices

1-Voice solutions perfect for your GP Practice.

1-Voice in GP Practices


  • Unwell, anxious patients requiring immediate attention need prompt handling of their calls. 
  • Fast, effective telephone call handling is therefore essential to the General Practice (GP). 
  • GP has to comply with IT Governance and Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards for improving patient care and running a capable practice.



  • 1-Voice delivers a solution to meet a practice’s call handling needs. 
  • With our Call Centre ACD, hold music or a recorded message can be played while waiting. This allows the user or reception to direct the caller to the relevant part of the practice. 
  • Call Recording lets the GP monitor and review conversations between patients and staff to prove compliance to CQC standards. This shows a commitment to a culture of improvement and accountability as it provides evidence of medical advice given over the phone. Call Recording can also be used to train and coach new practice staff. 
  • Call analytics enables statistical analysis of calls – this helps identify the busiest periods, which will help plan staff scheduling accordingly. 
  • Inbound calls can scan the database, and records will come up on the screen, helping to manage the call – speed of response.
  • Our UC One instant messaging and presence can be used to communicate between the GP team. My Room group chat can be used to hold conference calls with other GP surgeries or medical bodies. 
  • 1-Voice Business Continuity ensures the practice meets IT Governance standards and patient calls are answered even in the event of local, natural or man-made disasters.


Benefits Improved Patient Service 

  • 1-Voice provides a friendly, prompt and effective service for patients. 
  • Has the necessary resources to answer calls efficiently during the busiest times. 
  • Call Recording can be used to help coach and develop staff to improve customer care. 
  • With in-built business continuity, calls can always be made and answered – making it a phone service that never fails. 


Increased Productivity 

  • By using statistical data, the practice can easily manage staff resources.
  • The optional Receptionist console can handle numerous calls efficiently.


Compliance to Governance Standards

  • Call Recording is compliant with CQC standards.